Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We have a new Engine available starting today. The Little Joe also known as the GE EF-4 and EP-4 (2-D+D-2) is now available in the game. This is an electric Engine and requires that you have researched Improved Electrics and a Contract with GE.

Little Joe on display at IRM

The real Little Joe is on display at the Illinois Railway Museum. The engine was built in 1949 by General Electric. The engine pictured in the game is the one on display at the museum and was used by the Chicago South Shore & South Bend.

The Little Joe has an interesting story behind it as they were originally built for the Soviet Union but due to the Cold War they were never delivered. To read more about this engine's history visit the Wikipedia Page

We will be adding new engines periodically, so stay tuned to see if one you've requested will be added to the game.

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