Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New User Requested Features

We have added some new features to the Trains page in the game.

  • All Trains that stop at
    This drop down box allows you to select a station that you own and it will display all trains that stop at that station.
  • Train Name
    The Train Name edit box allows you to search for a train by it's name. When you enter a name in, It searches from the start of the train's name and shows all Trains after that train name alphabetically.
  • Status
    You can search for trains that are stopped, waiting, in need of a route or en route to a particular station.

Also on the Stations list we have added some more information for you.

You'll notice that now we show you how many of each cargo type get supplied or demanded on a particular day.

Also we added a shortcut on the station details dialog to the trains for that station.

These changes were a direct result of feedback posted on the forums, so if you have any feedback, suggestion or comments please go to the forum and post them there. Also the forums are a great place to meet and talk with other player's of Railroad Empire.


  1. I think we should add newer locomotives on there. AME7 Electrics and F59PH and F59PHI are great choices. I also think we should include many of the year swtichers like SW series and NW Series

  2. GE PD42 series, ES series and AC series are also great!

  3. Pusher & helper districts / multiple-unit capabilities for sections of routes.

  4. Main problem with a game - flying Locomotives. Lets say my locomotive went from St.Louis to Chicago. Next there is cargo in Detroit. I can remove all stations and start this train in Detroit. Magically my locomotive flies to Detroit (no expenses for towing, or riding the rail, and also I don't have to wait until the locomotive gets there. How convenient. This does not seem to be real.

  5. The game is not running in real time it is simulated time to provide the illusion of time otherwise years of research could not be condensed into hours.

  6. would be nice if totals of goods left at stations could be found rather than selecting each station.

  7. I would like to request an indication of goods at a station. I find I am opening and closing stations to find any goods not being hauled and spoiling. Consider using the station icon on the map, by changing the color, on the next day all goods collected same day green, goods still waiting orange and goods lost spoiled red.

  8. Another request its not much of a challenge if the demand exceeds supply e.g. there is 245 barrels of oil produced per day yet the demand is over 400. All you need to do is keeps sending the oil to the highest demand everyday with no consequence. consider linking goods no coal no iron, no oil no goods etc or more goods more oil more goods? not providing basic goods financial penalty or fine (some stations just don't get food, timber iron etc you just pick up passengers and mail as there is no loss in not providing the stations needs.

  9. Question - Help - Are passengers randomly generated or are they static as per station supply/demand. I have set up a number of trains on wait for cargo? Which includes passengers when they were set up the stat supply was 3 per day? So passenger wait for cargo was set at 3 I have found a significant number of trains waiting for cargo where the passenger stat has changed to 1. Since the wait for cargo is set to run once per day at three this would mean that the trains would have waited for three days before running. If I set wait for cargo passengers 1 and then changes to three I leave passengers behind. If this is correct then you need something to indicate a change otherwise every station will have to be checked daily for changes (not game friendly) which makes wait for cargo redundent as the train might as well just run or is it a bug.

  10. Bug - connected Casper NY to north plate then purchased a train and the connection was between the two stations disappeared and I lost the point. Second time I have lost a connection like this? This may help I am purchasing the station before I have the points to connect to build up goods while waiting.

  11. It would be nice to add one of these to the roster, GP60M http://goo.gl/LY5i8

  12. me again is this bug with you Error: Server Error

    The server encountered an error and could not complete your request.
    If the problem persists, please report your problem and mention this error message and the query that caused it. I am using google as service provider and this failure is increasing it has only started in the last week or so.

  13. Error !

    BadRequestError: The requested query has expired. Please restart it with the last cursor to read more results.

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    75 %if len(player.stations()) >= 2:
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    79 $('.tutorial-overlay').show();
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    output = templ.render(**context)

  14. just got same error whilst in train sub-menu selected trains.

  15. new features
    Replace the daily task and receive 4 mill if successful with more than one daily task with the reward the cost of the goods delivered which would provide additional tasks to perform during the day. Make sure the task start is the time task generated and not the time the task is first accessed. This will give a reducing time in which to complete (in courage more login's). Raising site profile in Google?

    Allow old trains to be scrapped and not kept in data base as available the really old or costly ones will never be used and will allow only viable trains to be working. Option to provide scrap value)

    in the train list for a specific station add a column to display the goods being collected or delivered by each train. This will save having to access every train to find which one is delivering or collecting a specific good(s). It will make things a bit easier to manage. Us full when you switch technologies.

  16. bug- received three missions only one has appeared in the mission log.

  17. request - option to build at a cost a maintenance yard i.e. to enable trains that are still worth running but are to costly in running due to maintenance costs. To be refurbished updated to reduce running costs a percentage of purchase cost multiplied by days old.

    I have reached a point in the game that until I reach a new tech level that the only thing I have to due is complete the daily mission. I own all the U.S. stations and line, research is taking 5 days, why not add upgrades to stations before you get the benefit of extra goods etc.

  18. Bug? - I had a mission deliver 10 iron to Baton Rouge Period ! I sent one train 10 iron and the mission did not complete then sent split qty on two trains 4 and 6 iron. The mission did not complete. Then sent two trains each with 10 iron time remaining thirteen hours one train was seven hours away and one was outside allotted time. I failed the mission. No iron delivered, I should theoretically have 30 iron still at station three loads 10 sent plus one still on way.

  19. New rewrite - consider using a title for rank speculator, developer, conductor etc. I find it annoying that my rank jumps from 224, 337,559 in a matter of hours which I assume is calculated on amount of money made to date. Which is affected dramatically by high profit trains arriving at destination or whether you complete the daily mission and get 4 mill.