Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New User Requested Features

We have added some new features to the Trains page in the game.

  • All Trains that stop at
    This drop down box allows you to select a station that you own and it will display all trains that stop at that station.
  • Train Name
    The Train Name edit box allows you to search for a train by it's name. When you enter a name in, It searches from the start of the train's name and shows all Trains after that train name alphabetically.
  • Status
    You can search for trains that are stopped, waiting, in need of a route or en route to a particular station.

Also on the Stations list we have added some more information for you.

You'll notice that now we show you how many of each cargo type get supplied or demanded on a particular day.

Also we added a shortcut on the station details dialog to the trains for that station.

These changes were a direct result of feedback posted on the forums, so if you have any feedback, suggestion or comments please go to the forum and post them there. Also the forums are a great place to meet and talk with other player's of Railroad Empire.